06 March 2011

Some 1700 century Insults. World Wide Word. (Google it). Hat Tip Lawson Narse.

The bun-sellers or cake-makers were in
nothing inclinable to their request; but,
which was worse, did injure them most
outrageously, called them prattling
gabblers, lickorous gluttons, freckled bittors,
mangy rascals, shite-a-bed scoundrels,
drunken roysters, sly knaves, drowsy
loiterers, slapsauce fellows, slabberdegullion
druggels, lubberly louts, cozening foxes,
ruffian rogues, paltry customers, sycophant-
varlets, drawlatch hoydens, flouting
milksops, jeering companions, staring
clowns, forlorn snakes, ninny lobcocks,
scurvy sneaksbies, fondling fops, base loons,
saucy coxcombs, idle lusks, scoffing
braggarts, noddy meacocks, blockish
grutnols, doddipol-joltheads, jobbernol
goosecaps, foolish loggerheads, flutch calf-
lollies, grouthead gnat-snappers, lob-
dotterels, gaping changelings, codshead
loobies, woodcock slangams, ninny-hammer
flycatchers, noddypeak simpletons, turdy
gut, shitten shepherds, and other suchlike
defamatory epithets; saying further, that it
was not for them to eat of these dainty
cakes, but might very well content
themselves with the coarse unranged bread,
or to eat of the great brown household

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  1. Sounds like the perfect descriptions for all the politicians these days too.